We create urban ecosystems from valuable residual flows.


We’re a global architecture office that utilises the contextual potential for design.

A design is not considered as the beginning of a linear, but a circular process: A phase in a continuous cycle of creation and recreation, use and reuse.


Villa Welpeloo

Buitenplaats Brienenoord

BlueCity Offices


Launch of manifest

On the february 20th 2020 Superuse started, together with Ex'tax, Copper8 and many others the manifest "Tax shift for circular construction".

Opening SO Fier

In january the "Rain Drain Digger" playground has been opened in Utrecht for the new school of SO Fier.

Superuse works at home

Following the regulations of the government Superuse will work at home when necessary. We will remain to work on all current projects and are available for new challenges.