Superuse Studios is an international architecture office for circular and sustainable design.

A design is not considered as the beginning of a linear, but circular process: A phase in a continuous cycle of creation and recreation, use and reuse.

Re-use as part of a circular design strategy.

The latent properties of used materials and products offer an added value to new products and buildings. Our office views re-use as part of a circular design strategy. The reuse concept applies to building materials as well as energy supplies, human resources, water, traffic and food cycles.

We develop strategies for cities to connect different flows, while integrating these processes into the existing urban environment.
Superuse Studios distinguish 14 different flows that enter and exit our buildings and urban environments.

The Superuse

To get a grip on the complexity of all these aspects, most projects start with investigating the different relevant flows in a Material Flow Analysis. Important layers are: existing location, context, energy sources, water, food systems, existing built structures, natural structures, climate, materials, functionality, ergonomics, available budget, capacity of the project team.

After mapping those layers we search for possible interconnections.
Ultimately this leads to a design that integrates all the relevant aspects.


The way the office is organized is conceived as a cyclical process of different flows.
Superuse researches potential waste flows, regional cycles are investigated and this data is the foundation of circular architecture. This is expressed in the continuous lines that form the letters of our logo.

Blue Economy

Our office is connected to the Blue Economy that is developing around the world.

The color of our logo expresses this connection and our aim to strengthen the movement with our work. We are proud to be co-initiator, architect and tenant of BlueCity, the vibrant hub for the Blue Economy in Rotterdam.

Advisory Board

The board helps us strategically to increase our impact on a global scale.

The current members are:
Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV)
Tom van der Lubbe (Viisi)‚Äč
Wytze Patijn (Former Dean or Faculty of Architecture or TU Delft)