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Transformation of an old factory hall into flexible exhibition space for the art library Art Zaanstad.

The Hembrug site is a unique place in Zaandam, with a distinct industrial architecture. The 'draaierij kardoeshulzen' or 'building 322' consists of two halls of almost 1000m2 each. each. One of these is intended as the new location for The Art Centre, which will stay in this fantastic place under the new name of Art Zaanstad.

Separation wall between exhibition hall and private spaces.

Art Zaanstad functions as a gallery/museum with its own large collection, which can be bought and rented in its entirety. Changing exhibitions make it possible to exhibit a different artist or new purchases every time. Besides the gallery, there is a museum shop where design and art articles are sold.

Hanging screens can be moved around to create different exhibition layouts.

Superuse has realised an interior that is functional, flexible and circular.

The door towards the toilets is hidden in the trespa pattern.

The clever use of volumes creates extra floor space, while the spatial quality of the hall is preserved. The hall is designed in such a way that upon entering, visitors immediately get a good overview of what is where. An Art Zaanstad employee can welcome you right in front of you, but a visitor can also walk to the left into the shop or to the right into the exhibition.

The museum shop of Art Zaanstad.

From the office, the exhibition area is visible through a connection with the glass fa├žade. This way, it is easy for someone to help out when it is busy. If a visitor wants to see a painting in the warehouse, he or she is accompanied to the warehouse and the framing department. Here they can experience the impressive number of works that are in stock.

Sculpture garden and exhibition space.

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