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Foundation Kinderparadijs Meidoorn

A circular urban playground

Superuse designed a new playground for a foundation called “Kinderparadijs Meidoorn” on their 1200m² plot. The old playground was in a derelict state and in urgent need of renovation. Superuse mapped the old situation and carefully selected elements that were appropriate for reuse in the new playground. Based on this step the design was made.

Lunch table, diving board and more.

Five decommissioned rotor blades are placed around an existing concrete slab and they are used to create a maze-like space with a pentagonal panna (soccer) pitch in the middle. The base of the blades has been used as four towers, each with their own character. The cut off parts are spread around the garden and connect the towers. Between the towers a net provides an opportunity for climbing and is also preventing balls ending up in the backyards around the playground.

Blade Made playground on the beach in Terneuzen.

By reusing we are reducing carbon emissions with roughly 90% compared to a conventional playground.

Boardwalk towards the playground.

Besides the rotor blades there is more that has been reused, for example the stainless steel slides and the tiles of the pavement. The tiles have been used vertically, reducing the total surface to transform the stoney playground into a wood chip ground cover that is better equipped for heavy rainfall.

The abstract shape of the blades provides children with freedom to fantasize where and what they are playing.

Blade turned into climbing structure.

One time they might be pirates on a ship, on another day they are princesses in a castle or rabbits in a hole. Letting children use their own imagination is one of the best things this playground has achieved.

Beautiful interior space for the playground in Rotterdam.
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