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Office wing BlueCity in the former discotheque of Tropicana Rotterdam.

On 31 March 2017 BlueCity opened its office wing in the former discotheque Club Tropicana. The office wing is the first part of the former subtropical swimming paradise Tropicana in Rotterdam to be transformed.

Concept of the development of BlueCity.

The office concept is intended for innovative companies that accelerate the growth of the circular economy with their products and services. Within a year, BlueCity transformed 1300 square metres of the former discotheque into 100 circular workplaces, varying from shared to private offices and fixed or flexible workplaces. The renovation was carried out under the direction of partners COUP, Superuse and Workspot. The window frames used as partition walls are eye-catching. The unusual composition stems from the given dimensions of the harvested window frames.

Section through BlueCity.

With this office wing, BlueCity wants to offer circular companies representative space and thus encourage more cooperation and innovation.

Upstairs office environment in BlueCity.

Various circular design and project offices, foundations, freelancers and a branch of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have already taken up residence there. The offices and workplaces complement the production areas and the BlueCity Lab that have also been realised in the building. The first part of the transformation from pool to model city is 90% circular.

68% CO2 reduction compared to conventional office refurbishment.

Flex desks along the riverside corridor.

For BlueCity Offices, the most important material input was reused window frames as partition walls. The second input was reused steel, then European structural timber was chosen which is new but renewable, finally conventional hinges and locks were used and broken glass was replaced.

Close up of the reused window frames.
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