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KEVN is a house for makers and viewers, with studios, exhibitions and a bar in the green surroundings. Superuse was approached to provide content and a design to the transformation of the monumental school on the Galileïstraat in Eindhoven. By placing a pavilion with a programme that fits the wishes of both the users of the school building and the surroundings, a connection is made with the other side of the street and the rest of Woensel-West.

Old school and new pavilion side by side.

The monumental school with its characteristic corridors has been renovated. By replacing the three high windows with doors at the back of the building, the school is now connected to the square behind it. The placement of an extrovert pavilion in front of the introvert school has provided an extra frame for part of the square and has brought new life to it.

The hallway that connects the pavilion and the old school.

The new building was built completely dry, so that it can be dismantled and easily rebuilt somewhere else.

The pavilion was largely built from reused materials. A number of materials, including the stelcon plates and the steel profiles in the foundation, even come from very close by: Strijp-S. The trusses from an old chicken shed stand out the most. These were processed and sawn so that the purlins could also be made from this wood. The pavilion is not built on a pile foundation, therefore the foundation had to be very heavy. There are three layers of stelcon plates in the floor to create the necessary weight.

Sitting area in the KEVN pavilion.
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