Valkenburg 362_Superuse





Katwijk aan Zee



(Government Property Agency)

At the former Valkenburg Airport, the first building has been sustainably transformed by Superuse.

Building 326 has had a makeover. The typical industrial character remains, but is upgraded from a garage cluster to comfortable studios for small-scale production workplaces.

Valkenburg 362_Superuse_Photo: Frank Hanswijk

The existing building was designed very functionally with a concrete supporting structure. The cavity wall and the roof were not insulated, so in order to make the building suitable for production workplaces, it was fully insulated. Furthermore, there were only overhead lights, so extra light and visibility are needed for nice working spaces.

Valkenburg 326

Window frames were harvested and used here to make an open and transparent south facade.

Valkenburg 326

The green roof in combination with the solar panels enables an optimal solar energy harvest as well as climate comfort for the user. Further, the plants trap fine dust and allowing the delayed drainage of rainwater.

The transformation results in an energy-neutral building for pleasant working spaces.

Valkenburg 362_Superuse_Photo: Frank Hanswijk

The existing building is constructed of brickwork with concrete cassettes and concrete trusses. The main intervention includes sawing openings in the masonry and installing circular hardwood window frames.

Valkenburg 362_Superuse_Photo: Frank Hanswijk


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