Casa Sessanta

On a lightly used piece of grass along Riva IV Novembre Superuse Studios had three main challenges. In less than one week we had to find free, secondhand, materials (1); make a design for the spot (2) and build it on site with the tools we could bring from The Netherlands (3). Architettando showed us around town and we found 22 wooden windowframes with glass, some oak screens with planks and a little bit of metal.
These materials have been ‘superused’ into a small pavilion, a shelter for three people to share a drink, talk about daily life and perhaps about what this piece of grass can become in the future. Because it could be used better than as a place where dogs do their business. There is a beautiful view on the walls of Cittadella, something that you cannot see from the park between the walls and the moat. The pavilion provides a screen towards the busy road and draws your gaze along the city walls through the openings.

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Toon Verberg

Cittadella (IT)
Window frames, shop outfitting, steel parts

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