Nowadays a lot of our waste is recycled. This means that waste is sorted and shredded in to small pieces. This new ‘resource’ is being used as filler or is melted and pressed to something similar to what it used to be before this laborious process. This way of recycling usually ignores the unique qualities of materials. A lot of ‘waste’ is still usable in their original shape and can be used again, after some design work, by taking these qualities and enhancing a design with it. This may lead to innovative applications and unexpected design.
The fundamental idea behind Recyclicity is to make waste usable for building purposes with a minimal amount of added energy for transport and processing. To reach this two tools have been developed: a website that offers information and collects knowledge on waste flows and possible applications in architecture. Recyclicity.lab: an experimental studio that collects information and samples of waste streams in Rotterdam.

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Toon Verberg

Rotterdam (NL)

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