This shop was 2012Architects’ first project. The client asked for a futuristic design within a tight budget. We proposed a lightweight and ergonomic design. To control the budget we decided to focus on a piece of furniture placed behind the facade in between two entrances. This piece combines all functions the shopneeds: display window, fitting rooms, mirror room, catwalk, hallways, speakers and a dj-booth. The activity of trying on clothes is ritualised on the catwalk situated on the elevated floor of the mirror room. By making this process important, shoppers get more attention and are more likely to buy the clothes. On the walls of the shop the clothes are displayed on rounded forms which follow the movements of the body. They are built by attaching 8mm foldable triplex on multiplex ribs and cladding externally in reused aluminium, to create super lightweight furniture. The builder refused to apply the aluminium sheets, saying it was not a building material. In the end we applied it ourselves. We realised that if we wanted to work with reused materials we would have to develop tools, prototypes and a network. This jump-started the development of our Superuse concept.

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Toon Verberg

Rotterdam (NL)

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