Superuse Book

The book Superuse deals with changing production and building processes and explains how tools like the ‘harvest map’ and found materials can influence esthetics. Ten internationally inspiring projects are shown whereafter the by 2012Architects developed processes to turn waste flows into building products are explained by our own projects like Duchi, the MSS, Villa Welpeloo and (No) Flat Future. is a portal of designers, architects and other interested people in inventive ways of reuse. Users can take part by placing examples of creative reuse, while others can react on this by voting and commenting. 2012Architects wants to reduce waste production, transport and energy consuming processes. To do this we have been researching ways to reuse materials in the nearness of the producers of waste. Different tools have been developed for a variety of focus groups, ranging from harvest maps to product flyers. Besides this there are continuous experiments with materials. The focus of Superuse lies on the inherent quality of existing materials and components and develops applications for products where there has been no second use before. With this philosophy 2012Architects can advise on the use of flows of waste that emerge when taking certain actions, like renovation projects.
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